Marham Balkhora

Dandruff, a Medicine Capable of Alleviating Baldness

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Directions : A Unique herbal formulation from the house of Gattumal to cure the problem of Alopecia Areata (Indralupt) commonly known as Balkhora.
Each 100 mg. Contents : Jamalghota(Crotontiglium) 5 mg. Rasot(Berberis Aristata) 7 mg. Shudh Bhilava(Semecarpus Anacardium) 5 mg. Kupilu(Strychhos Nuxvomica) 4 mg. Jaunk(Hirudinaria) 5 mg. Pipalamul(Piperlongum) 6 mg. Vaseline q.s.
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