Ayurvedic medicines are being used in India since ancient times, these drugs are not the inventions of any one person, many people and Vedyas have contributed to their invention. It is a matter of happiness that after being neglected for a long time, Ayurvedic medicines are becoming prestigious in getting medical recognition today.

"The name of Lala Gattumal Agarwal, synonymous with Ayurveda in Bareilly, does not require any introduction in Bareilly and all of Uttar Pradesh."

GM Pharmacy was founded in 2000 by Shri Shyam Babu Agarwal, great-grandson of Gattumal the seventh generation of the Lala Gattumal Agarwal family devoted to Ayurveda. The pharmacy division is managed by his son Mr. Ravi Gattumal Agarwal. Apart from scriptural medicines, patent medicines are based on the formulations prescribed by Lala Gattumal. All these medicines are made and used since the time of Lala Gattumal. Due to their use, people get great benefits and cure in complex and incurable diseases, and in view of their increasing demand, they are produced today by modern and new production facilities.

The products are manufactured in strict quality standards and environmentally controlled conditions, inspected from time to time by the pharmacists so that the drugs produced are always of their quality. On the other hand our pharmacy is full of modern equipments and professional doctors to provide the best possible treatment to the patients.

We are very happy to inform you that the company received the certificate of 'Good Manufacturing Practice' by the government due to its high-level manufacturing system and quality controlled working system. The company has been awarded by ISO 9001:2008 certified.

GM Pharmacy aims to share the knowledge and tradition of Ayurveda door to door. We believe that more people understand the key features of Ayurveda, the healthier our world will be.